Advert Assistance

Placing an Advert

The cost of placing an advert with us is an incredible £29.99 for 3 years.
This price will never ever increase.

Write an accurate description

Your advert will have greater success if you write a detailed, and accurate description of what goods and services you provide.

Do not over exaggerate or include anything that is not true. These questions may be helpful in writing a good description:
- What goods or services you provide?
- What areas or postcodes you cover?
- Do you have any pictures of your previous work?
- Any recommendations, testimonials or awards?

- Please supply valid contact information ie mobile phone or other number?
- What are the qualifications required and the responsibilities of the position? (job advert)

- Add images to your advert
- Add your own website address if you have one

Do not keyword spam

Do not include words in your description that are unrelated to the item you're advertising, just to lure buyers to your advert. For example, do not say, "If you'd like a VW Golf, then you'll like this Fiesta."

Respond to messages promptly

Customers or clients are likely to have questions relating to your listing, which will be sent to your 'Messages' inbox and your personal email account.

When a Customers or clients gets in touch, aim to respond to them as soon as possible, as this will keep them interested in your listing.

Be polite

When responding to an inquiry, always be polite and courteous and give a clear indication of costs, payment options, timescale of the work being done and duration, If problems arise, talk about the situation you want to resolve and potential solutions, not what you think of them. Trading insults will not help to resolve the situation.


To add google maps to your advert insert your own town or city where you see  the capital letters word in the map code area of your advert, replacing the 'CHANGETOYOURAREA' in the code below with your town or city in lower case ie .change and replace the text CHANGETOYOURAREA to london eg.